Are you struggling when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off?

Then I would like to invite you to learn about

"3 Critical Mental Shifts You Need To Make For Successful Weight Loss"
(Without even getting off your couch!)

Do you want to lose those unwanted pounds and inches and keep them off?

Do you want to be as healthy and energetic as you possibly can be?

Do you want to look and feel younger than you really are and fit into all your clothes again?

Making shifts in your eating habits and getting on an exercise program has always been promoted as the best place to start in a weight loss program.

Even though these shifts are vital to losing weight, the most critical ones needed to help you lose weight are mental.  This is called your mindset.

Mindsets can be a major contributor to weight and health issues that need to be recognized and addressed if you want to achieve long-lasting results.

Hi, Welcome to WellnessSolutions!  I'm Colene, Health & Fitness Strategy Coach located in San Antonio, Tx.  With over 25 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry and 14 years as a Personal Trainer; I specialize in helping women over forty reach their health and weight loss goals by working and strategizing WITH them to design and customize a program specifically FOR them.
But what exactly is a mindset?
Simply put, a mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that have shaped your thought habits and processes.   Some of these may be negative and have contributed to your weight gain and/or have prevented you from losing and keeping the weight off.
When you shift your mindset(s), you are adjusting the thought habits and processes from negative to positive, which in turn, will support your efforts in weight loss and keeping it off.
Every person is different and has different mindsets that need to be shifted/adjusted, but in weight loss, there are some basic but critical shifts that need to be made before you begin.

So I'm offering you a FREE short report to help you get started.