I Thought I Was Healthy

I’d been working in the field of nutrition for several years and I thought I was doing pretty well.  I was eating healthy and making what I thought were pretty good food choices.

So, imagine my shock when I realized my body fat percentage was too high for my height and weight!  And, not to mention, I was pretty flabby and squishy with very little muscle tone.

To find out I wasn’t doing very well really caught me off-guard, shook me up, and had a negative effect on my confidence. I felt really bad about myself.

So, I understand where you are….I’ve been there. Doing your best and not seeing results.

I started making different choices with food and working out regularly. As a result, I started sleeping better and I felt stronger.  And, my energy level increased, so I was no longer struggling to make it through the day.

Today, I have more confidence and feel really good about myself.

And I want that for you!

How I Can Help You


In 2007, at 47 years old, I became certified as a personal trainer.

I’m now a Health & Wellness Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer, and Certified Life Coach. I’m also certified in Mat Pilates, Fitness for Older Adults, and Senior Fitness.

My passion is to work with you, a woman 40 and beyond, who desires with everything in you, to get healthy and prevent future illness and disease.

You are sick and tired of waking up in the morning, not feeling rested, and barely having enough energy to start your day. 


And because you want to get the weight off, keep it off and feel good about yourself again!

IMG_E1049 (1).JPG

It would be an honor to guide you through this journey and help you make changes that will last!

So that you are able to enjoy the rest of your life in great health and with much more meaning!

Are you ready to become  ....   


"The Best Version of You?”

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Colene is an amazing personal trainer as well as a great person.  Every day she pushed me harder towards my goals and expected more from me than I expected from myself.  This kept me motivated and goal oriented, without making me dread the process.        Hillary M.