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You may not WANT to exercise, you may not LIKE to exercise, you may not WANT TO TAKE THE TIME to exercise, or you may just simply NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, but exercise and resistance training are vital during weight loss! Exercise not only aids in weight loss, but it helps your body burn calories and promotes lean muscle mass which is where the firming and toning comes in.

Age-related muscle loss is a big concern as we get older. Promoting lean muscle helps your body burn fat, prevents the loss of lean muscle, and also helps prevent your skin from sagging so much. And the more weight you have to lose, the greater the concern for sagging skin, especially as you get older.

I have seen many women who have lost weight without doing any or very little exercise. And the ones who have lost large amounts of weight, their skin is sagging. It’s loose, flabby, and squishy. This is gross and unattractive and I think it makes the woman just as self-conscious as she was being overweight. As mentioned, they have lost lean muscle, which adds to the squishiness, as well as puts them at a greater risk for weak bones and regaining of the weight.

Several years ago, I met a woman in a hair salon who had lost 110 lbs on a well-known weight loss program. I was amazed, to say the least! We started talking and when she found that I was a personal trainer, and she pretty much hired me on the spot. We set a time for me to go to her home, where I would be training her. I did an assessment with her and weighed and measured her so we would have a starting point from which to track her progress.

As I was about to measure her abs, I asked her to point to her belly button. It was at least 3 inches below where it should have been. It caught me off guard at first. I was puzzled, and then I realized it was because she had lost so much weight without doing any kind of exercise. As a result, her skin was very saggy all over. And she was only 38 years old! She also had very saggy skin on her underarms (the triceps) as well. (which I call wings)

Well, I started her with very light exercise and resistance bands and after 4 weeks, her body was already toning up. She was excited! After 8 weeks, there was a huge difference when I measured her! We were both so excited! You could see muscle tone in her arms and when she flexed, she said, “Look I have rocks on my wings!” It was so funny! She had such a great attitude!

My point here is that it is imperative to do weight resistance exercises when you are on a weight loss program to prevent so much loss of elasticity in your skin.

Also, a woman in her 40’s may not think about having Osteoporosis, but resistance exercises will help prevent Osteoporosis in the future and even reverse Osteopenia, not just by strengthening the muscles but strengthening the bones as well. This is crucial for women, even if you are only in your 40’s and especially if you are over 50. After the age of 50 Sarcopenia sets in and your muscle mass decreases by about 1-2% each year and your muscle strength declines at a rate of 1.5-5% each year. This is what we want to prevent.

So it’s a good idea to start now and not wait. If you are not sure what to do, you may consider hiring someone to help you.

***Do you want to be able to lose the weight you know you need to lose and firm up your body to the point where your friends, family, and even co-workers are wowed by how you now look?

*** Would you like to wake up every morning feeling rested, full of energy and so good about yourself, because you have finally reached your weight loss goal and you know you look great, but more than that, you feel great?

*** Do you feel like you hate to exercise OR is it that you just simply don’t know what to do or where to start?

Having someone help you and create a program specifically for you, as well as guide you, keep you motivated and hold you accountable, literally makes all the difference in the world!

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Here’s to weight loss AND exercise!

Colene Health & Fitness Coach

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