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If you’re a woman over 40 and have been on a roller coaster with losing weight and just can’t seem to get off that ride, here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you examine your patterns and history with dieting and weight loss.

Get some paper and a pen or pencil, and write down your answers, and please be as honest as you possibly can.

1. How many “diets” have you actually tried in the last 10 years?

2. What was each “diet?” Were they structured “diets” (ie. paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, etc.), or were you doing something on your own? (ie. skipping meals, cutting out sweets or bread, etc.).

3. Have you tried these “diets” more than once?

Next, ask yourself these questions about each diet: Answer separately for each “diet.”

When did you start and how long did you stay on the “diet?”

1. How consistent were you?

2. Did you follow it to the T, or did you ‘cheat’?

3. Did you feel it was easy or difficult and why?

4. Did you get any results? If so, what were they?

5. Were you happy with your results? Why?

6. If there were little or no results, why?

7. Why did you stop? What was the reason/excuse you gave yourself? (ex. Did you feel deprived while on the “diets?” Did you feel they were just too hard? Did you feel frustrated? Were you not seeing results? Ect)

Now, do the following:

-Look at your answers and see if you notice any similarities and patterns with each of the “diets.”

-Look at the time between starting and stopping each “diet.” (How long you stayed on it).

-Look at your consistency, and if you followed it like you were supposed to.

-Look at your results for each “diet.” See if there are the same or similar answers for each one. Look closely and see if you recognize a pattern with each one. (ex. time frame on the “diet,” consistency, results, reason for stopping, etc.)

-If you feel that you weren’t successful on these “diet,” and you’re seeing similar patterns with each one, what can you do to create a new pattern to help you be successful next time?

Are you wondering why I have the words “diet” and “diets” in quotation marks throughout this article?

The reason is that in the western world, when we hear the word “diet,” we have been conditioned to think ‘starvation’ or ‘deprivation.’ It’s not as prominent as it used to be, but it is an

ingrained mindset that sets people up for failure.

A “diet” is just a way of eating, nothing more and nothing less.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get off that "dieting"roller coaster ride.

1. Take the word "diet" out of your vocabulary (at least for right now).

2. Eat small meals every 2-1/2 to 3 hours, or at least have snacks between meals. This prevents getting famished and also revs up the metabolism.

3. Do NOT skip meals. Skipping meals throws your body into starvation mode and can actually cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

4. Have healthy snacks like low glycemic fruit, veggies, nuts, etc., and not ice cream, cookies or donuts.

5. Make sure you are eating food that you like. Don't eat something if you don't like it, just because it's healthy.

6 Serve yourself smaller portions and use a smaller plate. It's psychological, but it makes you feel like you're eating more when you fill up a small plate.

7. Get plenty of protein, healthy carbs and fats.

8. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. You have become dehydrated and your body is asking for water.

These are only a few simple things to help you get started with your weight loss.

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Here's to no more dieting!

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