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Health & Fitness

Strategy Coaching

There are 4 foundational pillars to my coaching program, and these pillars are literally the foundation of your success!



**   We begin with “The Best Version of You” Strategy Assessment, which gives us a strong starting point and means for tracking your progress.

**   You will learn proper, well-balanced nutrition specifically for your genetic type and develop an understanding that being healthy is a lifestyle

**  I will help you set clear, reasonable fitness goals that will support and help you reach your desired results as well as assess any limitations you may have.

**  You will discover natural ways to rebalance those unbalanced hormones and learn to listen to and understand what your body is telling you.  

This will help you establish a lifestyle of good health, which will definitely make your successes permanent.


You’ll feel good physically, you'll look good, you'll have more energy, you'll have renewed confidence, and feel really good about yourself again! 


You will become ...

"The Best Version of You”

If you're ready to make this happen, or would like to know more, schedule a call and let's get you started!

When first starting with Colene, she did an evaluation and helped me set nutrition and fitness goals.  I can say I am eating much better and am stronger and seeing the results of my goals.  She is positive, encouraging, and very knowledgeable of all things nutrition and fitness.  I highly recommend Colene as a Health Coach.  I am in my 60's - the exercises are appropriate yet challenging and ever-changing.    Terri Mansfield